Swing dance lessons

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When my girlfriend first proposed that we take swing dance lessons together, I was not thrilled by the idea. I have never been a dancer. My mom made me take ballroom dancing lessons when I was little, and I hated it. It was one of the most humiliating moments of my life. I really felt like I had two left feet. Nonetheless, we had an arrangement. she would go to rock shows with me, if I would do something for her. I owed her, so I consented to the swing dancing lessons.

It took me a long time to warm up to the idea. The first swing dance lesson that I took brought back all of those old painful memories. My girlfriend has always been much more graceful than I am, and she was a natural at swing dance lessons. She took to it like a fish takes to water, or like a flying fish takes air. For me, however, it was much more difficult. I fell no less than three times during the first of the swing dance lessons! As a matter of fact, it was several months of lessons before I could get through a whole session without falling. I never would have stuck with it except that I did owe her. Looking back, I’m glad that I persevered.

I never know what it felt like to really be able to dance. Once I completed the swing dance lessons, something amazing happened. Suddenly I had this sense of joy in every movement. I felt so graceful dancing there. I could move effortlessly, swinging my partner around, throwing her up in the air, and catching her again. My own moves were stunning. If the swing dance lessons had started slowly, they certainly had ended with a bang. I was something to behold.

If you want to learn to dance, but have never had any luck with it, my suggestion is to go out of obligation to a friend. This may sound silly, but I never would have succeeded in the swing dance lessons unless I had to. It is easy to give up on something like that. Some of us are so clumsy that it seems like we’ll never be able to dance. The reality is, however, that if we stick with it, we can master swing dance lessons. There really is nothing to it except putting in the effort. Some people learn faster while others learn slower, but everyone can learn to dance. I know I did!.

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