Selecting your info product topic

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Selecting Your Info Product Topic. In general, there are 4 types of info products that fall into the ebook category:1. Pleasure books. These include fiction, novels, poetry, short stories, dramas, mysteries, suspense,adventure, humor, etc.

2. Inspiration books. These include books on spirituality, religious topics, bible studies, stories from theheart, certain types of self help topics3. Study guides. These are reference books and can be on any number of topics4. “How-to” books. These are the do it yourself type books and include self improvement topics aswell as a ton of others. This can also include How-to’s about becoming successfulin your own business, How-to basket weave, etc. Any topic from A to Z can becovered in a “How-to” format.

On the internet, more so than offline, the best selling ebooks are in the “How-to”categories. When selecting your topic, make sure it’s a subject that you doactually have some knowledge about—or alternatively, make sure you hire awriter who does.

If you think that you’ve found an untapped topic, consider whether it’s a topic thatanyone is even likely to purchase in the first place. Make sure you really do yourresearch well for that one! The reason is that publishers know what sell. Likeyou, they are in business to make money. If there was money in the topic,chances are that some smart publisher would already have put out a book on thesubject. So just do your homework carefully.

Once you have an idea for your topic, assess the popularity of your chosen topic.

This is where the keyword research startz. Here’s a simple three-step process:1. Identify keywords for your book idea.

2. Conduct a search of your keywords to determine how many people aresearching for the information you’re putting out.

3. Run your keywords through the search engines and look for the followinginformation:A. The number of e-books already available on the subject.

B. The number of paid sponsor ads for the search. This indicates thatthere is interest on the subject—otherwise big companies wouldn’t be wastingtheir marketing budgets to sponsor the searches.

One tool that you can use to do your keyword research is Click Ad Equalizer.

This tool will let you do all of your research from one place. You can find it at:http://www.Ask. Your research will tell you whether there is a market for your topic, and it will alsotell you whether the market is over saturated. Don’t be afraid of a littlecompetition. In fact, some competition is actually healthy and it shows that thereis definitely a market for the topic. In a highly saturated market, though, you willneed to have more money to spend on advertising, especially if the cost per clickis fairly high. Thus, I probably wouldn’t pick a highly saturated market for my firstproduct.

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