Profiting with resale rights products

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Profiting With Resale Rights Products. You can use resale rights to find a way to charge more for your own info product. Oneway that you can do this quickly and easily is to include other, complimentary productswith your info product, to form a complete package. This way, you are not just selling aninfo product, but rather, a complete course!Most resale rights products come with their own pre-made websites. Although this maysound good to beginners, it has one drawback. Everyone is trying to promote the productusing the same website! So, be a little different. You have 2 choices here. You can eithercreate your own website for the product (more on this later), or, try to locate products thatdo NOT have websites created for them AND do not normally come with resale rights.

Your product will stand out because it is not selling the same thing as all of the other sites.

You can also use resale rights to bring new life to an old product. Simply contact theauthors and ask if you can use excerpts from their product in your own. For example, youcould find 5 products on copywriting. Contact the authors and tell them that you areworking on a new book on copywriting. You want to credit them as an expert in the fieldand use a portion of their work. They will probably be more than happy to allow you to dothis. Most resale rights products are considered “old” after about 3 to 6 months of beingsold with rights, so this should give you plenty of products to choose from.

Need a few more ideas?.How about this … Sell your own info product that you created in the prior chapter from awebsite. Include a related, complimentary package of products with resale rights as aone-time offer. Or, use it as a back end offer on your thank you page. Not many peoplethink about putting a second item up for sale on the thank you page, and they are missinga perfect opportunity. Think about it! You already have the sale in the first place – thecustomer might even still have his credit card in hand. Why not try to sell them somethingelse right then and there?. There are a ton of ways to be creative to profit from your thankyou page.

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