Things to do just outside montego bay

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Things to do just outside Montego Bay. If you are staying in Montego Bay but feel like leaving the beach or getting out of the city for a while there are some really interesting places to visit just outside Montego Bay. You can either rent a car, or check if there are official regular excursions available. Some of the attractions include:Montego Bay Undersea Tours. The “Coral Sea” may resemble a submarine but it’s actually a boat with an air conditioned underwater viewing cubicle six feet under the surface where you can sit in comfort and as the natural underwater world travels alongside you. Coral, hundreds of different fish, turtles, and sting rays will be amongst the colorful sealife you’ll see in its natural environment.

Belvedere Estate. Belvedere is a family-owned estate set on one thousand acres of land just minutes away from Montego Bay. This was one of the first sugar cane plantations in Jamaica and is still a working estate. The owner has opened Belvedere to the public so that touristsl can share the natural beauty of the estate’s rivers and waterfalls, its ruins and exotic plants and birds.

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary. A visit to Rocklands Feeding Station in Anchovy, only minutes away from Montego Bay, is a must for all bird lovers and bird watchers. Feeding time is 4 pm so if you’re interested in seeing this, don’t be late – but you should check locally for any schedule time changes.

Falmouth. To the east of Montego Bay lies the sleepy town of Falmouth. This was once the social capital of the island and one of its major commercial centers. You can find evidence of its past splendor in the architecture, not only of the unusual old church and court or town house but also in many of the old Georgian dwelling houses. Falmouth has its share of tourist attractions so it should be included on your list of possible places to visit.

Glistening Waters. Just beyond Falmouth lies Rock where you’ll find the amazing Luminous Lagoon. It’s one of the most spectacular wonders to be found in Jamaica. If possible, schedule your trip for after dark and take a boat ride from Glistening Waters Maria. The water is luminous when agitated and you can see the outlines of fish and streaks of light as they swim around. Words fail to do it justice to this great sight. This is one site not to be missed!Although there’s plenty to do and see in Montego Bay itself, make space in your itinerary for an excursion or two just outside the city – it’s worth the effort!.

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